Hi, my name is Dmytro Malovanyi. I’m software engineer from Ukraine, currently living in Europe. I’m software enthusiast and had experience with many kinds of developing.


  • School degree: Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum No. 145
  • Bachelor degree: Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (Faculty of Computer Science and Cybernetics),
  • Worked in few internation companies

Before the russian attack on the Ukraine territory, I lived in Kyiv. After the invasion, I had to move to Europe, where I live and work at the moment.


In addition to the classic ones: travel, play sports and read book. I like good alcohol (a can of beer on a Friday night), cats, hate russians and spend time with my favorite friends.

Which software I develop?

  • Primary: Linux networking and system engineer.
  • Secondary: Security engineer, ELF (and other binaries) scripter, Reverse engineer and pentester.
  • Also: DevOps, Hypervisour/Virtualization engineer, MacOS developer, Math (Category Theory, Theory of Algorithms, Cryptography), Frontend/Backend.

Where I develop software?

Currently working as Linux Networking C/C++, Python software engineer in Harmonic Inc. Have few side project releated to Security and Virtualization.